Wednesday, July 8, 2009

The Light from the Christian Right

Recently I suffered a perplexing and, frankly, difficult situation. I asked a lady acquaintance how she justifies having six children in this age of degrading environment and dwindling resources. “Think of the stress it places on an already over-crowded world,” I stated.

“Jesus guides my life. He wants me to have children,” she countered. “I’d like to have even more,” she smiled, gently patting her tummy and looking at me with pitying disdain as though I was a piece of flotsam adrift without a moral compass.

I was floored. “Jesus told you to have six children?” I asked.

“The Bible says we should go forth and multiply,” she responded with the smug sanctimony of one who has multiplied more than average.

I pointed out that religion teaches that we should love and help our neighbours. But when we in the rich nations over-multiply and over-consume it causes our “neighbours” in the poor nations to starve, live in squalid conditions and suffer desperate wars over resources.

“Oh, that doesn’t matter, they’re not Christians,” she responded righteously.

“What about global warming and energy and water shortages?” I asked desperately. “Your grandchildren will face horrible conditions.”

“Not to worry, the Lord will look after them,” she smiled beatifically.

As I spluttered, trying to find a response, she said, “Sorry, I’d love to stay and help show you the light but I’ve got to run to the ‘Ban Teaching of Evolution’ meeting.” With that she climbed into her Hummer and roared off.


Anonymous said...

The Bible say to go forth and multiply the KNOWLEDGE! It's all about how the "priests" interprete the words to put more brainless lambs in the pen.

Anonymous said...

I am a European - demographer and anthropologist. I have spent my professional life working to provide fundamental choices to people - in many countries - through making contraception available, together with complemnentary services for maternal and children's health. I continue to do so. When offered with respect, such services are greatly welcomed. Though tenacious in my efforts, I confess to some frustration. The pope of course, and all those people that "know exactly what God wants" thereby taking choices away from people and, in the end, making life on earth unsustainable.