Sunday, September 14, 2008

British Columbia's ‘most prolific' mother gives birth to her 18th baby

This headline, which ran in the newspaper recently, troubled me for days. Given that human population exceeds the carrying capacity of the planet, that the price of oil is skyrocketing, that global warming is running amok, and that grain prices have doubled and food riots have broken out, having 18 children seems terribly irresponsible. It speeds up the coming unpleasant difficulties that human society will face.

Just because there is no law against ridiculously large families (there should be), doesn't mean we should have them. There is a place for good common sense; aren't the parents aware that human population is fast approaching seven billion? Astonishingly, the father was quoted as saying, "I want to be a good citizen."

What grieved me even more was the attitude of the newspaper. It gushed over the family and its lifestyle. There was no hint that, perhaps, the parents are irresponsible, that human overpopulation is ravaging the earth and actions such as this only bring the train wreck nearer. With media's heads stuck firmly in the sand, how will politicians listen? I despair for the future.

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Terese said...

From a religious perspective, we have been instructed to 'go forth and multiply'. Perhaps the idea is so that we can create more religious influence in a nation that seems to be going to pot no matter what we do.
I guess we still admire families who, with reckless abandon, procreate to their bodies content...